Is your breakfast making you lazy?


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You may not be aware of it, but your breakfast may in fact make you lazy or a bit lethargic early or mid morning! Eating the correct breakfast will help you have an energy-filled day!

What did you have for breakfast today? There are three categories of responses to this. Some people say:  “man, just a coffee or a cigarette or both!” This is what I call a no breakfast type.

The second type is the Carbohydrate breakfast –  here you grab toast with your coffee and possibly eat porridge as well. You may have some jam on the toast plus orange juice.

The results of these two classes of breakfasts will be about the same  the energy cycles will just differ. With the no breakfast your body will cry for something to eat at 10 o’clock or so. Your blood sugar levels is so low that you will tend to go for a Coke (or a hot chocolate when it is cold), toasted sandwiches or a Burger and chips. This will immediately spike your blood sugar and you will feel great for a short while. The body gives the blood insulin and your blood sugar levels will drop through the floor, making you feel sleepy or lazy until you eat a chocolate or drink the next soft drink.

 Your carbs based breakfast will do the same thing  just earlier in the morning. At 9 or 10 am you feel hungry again. If you eat bread to still the hunger, you will feel hungry soon after that as your sugar levels goes up and down during the day.  You are tired every now and then throughout the day.

 What you need is a balanced protein based breakfast. You want enough protein in you breakfast, you want to replace some fluids you lost the previous night and you need good energy from your breakfast. An empowering protein shake will do all of this for you. With that a great aloe drink plus a herbal tea will give you all that you need and keep your blood sugar level throughout the day.

 Now you too can look and feel sharp and energetic regardless of the day ahead of you or the night behind you!