PowerRun 2015

On June 15 and 16 a few athletes are going to complete the equivalent of Two Comrades Marathons and a parkrun (5km distance) and a few kilometers more. One or two may complete the whole route, but there will be “relay” runners as well. It will be 19 hours on day 1 and about 12 hours on day two – average speed of 6 km per hour.

Walkers could join the runners for fifteen minutes before the hour to walk with them and to encourage them and to pray for the City of Cape Town.

The run is a spiritual run in the first instance so it is not about the speed, but is is about touching the whole community of Cape Town. As Christians we want to stand for the rebuilding of all the communities of Cape Town and for fixing all the walls in our city. With our run we are calling all christians to unite to start this process of rebuilding and to take part in it.

Please join our list here – http://bit.ly/power-run (or copy this link and paste in your browser).

Sgin up here to help  – http://bit.ly/powerrun-signup (or copy this link and paste in your browser).


Pray with us and build with us!