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Affair – should I tell?

Affair! Should I tell the innocent party?

I am sorry, but I tricked you! This is not about an affair, but about something that is vitally important. I am talking about your life or the live of a loved one.




We will let a person die sooner ….

When I see a person that is over-waist (not “overweight” in the first instance, but over-waist), I tend to look at him or her and then ignore the fact. I do not tell them, “listen, we have to talk; you may live ten or twenty years shorter than is possible because of the size of your stomach.” We do not do that, at least – I do not do that.

over waist

Over waist

In our community we are so intent and intense on the freedom of choice that we turn a blind eye. We will let a person die “sooner”, but we will not assist him or her. When they do fall ill, we will call on everybody we know to please pray for them so that they can get better. This to me seems like the utmost of hypocrisy. You do not listen to God’s commands about eating, exercising and your body. You get into trouble as a result of your own neglect or over-indulgence and then you expect him to help. Of course, I am all for prayer. We, however, need to fulfill our duties as well.

Should I warn you? Should you warn others?

That brings me back to my question – “should I stop you and talk to you?” What is my duty in the whole process? Should I just let you go and ruin your life? If you are my friend, I would want you to tell me if you see something that is creating a threat for me. If you know about a dangerous road and you know I may be traveling along that on a given day, you would warn me, I am sure. “Why then, do we not talk about health issues as well?” Do we feel embarrassed on behalf of the person who we should talk to?

This is the question then – if I profess to love my neighbour, do I talk to him or her about the health aspects of life as well or do I watch in silence while life slowly slips away day after day?

Would you like to live longer and live a healthy, active life? Invite me to talk to you!

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