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Everybody is a salesperson! If you want to convince a friend to go with you to a place, you are in sales. If you want to persuade someone to give you something in exchange for something else, you are in sales.

Everyone in sales

Many of us will try to convince others to do something, but we have not been trained on how to do that optimally. So we could try to intimidate someone, you could try to bribe someone or you could be “sweet” and “friendly” to convince him.

There are a number of key things that any (sales)person should learn if they want to be successful in sales (and in life). One of that is to honour (keep) your word. Part of honouring my word is to apologize when I discover that I cannot keep my word.


Sales training should give you two things – it should give you the opportunity to learn all the theory that you need to be successful in sales and it should give you the opportunity to start generating an income as soon as possible.

Let me take a few examples: If you get trained to sell property, you will not be able to earn income from that for six months or a year or longer. The income may be big (R7 000 and more per sale), but you may have to work for a long time before you get that income. If you get trained to sell airtime, you may start to make profit immediately, but your profit may be small. You may make R70 per day after you have bought a phone and equipment at a cost of R1500. In this case you also need to increase your income. If you are trained to sell a cosmetic or a health package for R30 and you make R7.50 profit you will need to sell 10 of those per day to make R75. If you stay at that level you will earn R21 000 or so per year.

Your first training should be general training – how to greet people, how to find out if they want what you could offer them, how to say please and thank you, how to be truthful to your word, how to get rid of all excuses, how to become disciplined, how to communicate openly and honestly.


After this you need to be trained in some area of sales that could give you income almost immediately. You need to make sure if this is where you want to be for a short period or for the rest of your life. So it is important to see where you want to go eventually and to then make the plans to get there.

If you are interested to become trained as a salesperson, make sure that you get enter your details here ( . The course has a price tag from R600 to R15000 depending on what you are going to do.

The course carries a money back guarantee – if you are not successful, then you may ask for your fees back. For this reason it is not easy to get accepted for the course. Get your name on the waiting list.

Hansie Louw

10 April 2018

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