You do not even know what is possible for you. In fact, anything is possible.

I want to assist you to discover this and I want to celebrate your victories with you.

My life and experience could enrich yours. Let us journey together!





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  1. Hello Hansie,
    I met you when we lived in Malmesbury but now we have moved to North Coast, KZN………….it is better for my health (lung problems, diabetes….).

    When I met you and we discussed various aspects of my making financial presentations, I struggled with the fact that I was, and still am not a CFP, which you are. I’ve got the Financial Planners handbook of a couple of years ago but have since realised that I’m not going to be a financial planner but someone who will coach others to an understanding of financial freedom means.

    The attached questionnaire was completed by my stock broker, who I invited to my presentation to a group of “youngsters”, where I live…………my presentation was free with a few snacks and beers thrown in. The presentation was in two parts but I think I need to expand it to 3 parts since it is quite compact in information.

    Then it came to me that I should flesh out the flow of the presentation and source my references and turn the presentation into a book………I’ve done this thing before, literature surveys, report writing and so developing my presentation into a book, whilst needing plenty of diligence, is not beyond me.

    I entitled the presentation “Financing your Dreams” and it is based on the pathway with milestones that you showed me many years ago. Also when I coach people, especially with a financial aspect to the coaching, I always ask the question “where do you want to be when you are 70 years old?” And the majority of the answers are a variety of blank looks, or “I don’t know”, or I haven’t thought about it, etc.

    I’m not financially free…………….my understanding of financial freedom took me many years of reading and deep thought to eventually fathom it out. My mother always used to tell me to save for my old age, but as we both know, saving gets you nowhere! But I do have a share portfolio which has a higher value than some peoples’ pension packages, but it still does not lead me to financial freedom. But I will plug away at it.

    Where can you help me……………….well I thought that when I have fleshed out my “book” you might help to get it to the market place. However I’m some time away from that but rather approach you quite early along this pathway than right at the end where you might ask if I’ve thought of this or that, and then it becomes more problematic to slot things in and re-write your references and indices, etc.

    I also want to approach a psychologist I know because the first part of the presentation is about change…………..changes in thinking and the essential reasons for making thinking changes……….and so I want to make sure that these components have a sound psychological base with quality references.

    I would obviously be interested in your reply and whether you would be willing to assist me.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind regards,


    • Neville, not sure if my email reached you. It is great to hear from you and that you are moving ahead with the book. Please let me know if I could help you with ideas or possible contacts?



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