Marathons in spite of AS

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This is the first page of an article that was published in Runners World in South Africa

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  1. Running without fear of pain was my first challenge. I though that the constant jarring on the road would in fact aggravate the back pain. I was wrong. It was more the tennis and squash that I love that made my back worse. I have been running since 2000 and the miracle that it is possible still makes my thankful today!

    There are things in your life that may scare you, but that does not mean that you cannot achieve it!

  2. The text of the article here:
    According to Dr Vanessa Perrot from Cape Town, spondylitis refers to pain and inflammation in the joints in the back. It can progress, particularly if left untreated, to fusion (or ankylosis) between some of the bones in the back. For every 10 suffers with AS, only one will end up disabled to the extent that he cannot work. However, for the other nine, AS is still something they have to contend with on a daily basis for the rest of their lives.
    It was 1997 and Hansie Louw’s state of health had reached crisis point. Crawling across a hotel room floor in Orlando, USA, overweight and suffering from agonizing kidney stones as well as an arthritic condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), he knew something had to change – and drastically. Little did he realize then that this was the start of his move from fatness to fitness, and his completion of the Comrades Marathon, not just once, but five times. Successful financial advisor and co – author of the book Healthy, Wealthy & Happy, Louw has endured his fair share of health challenges. His first onset of AS was during a tennis match when he was 18. “The pain was like a knife in my back. It was so intense I had difficulty sleeping.” Yet Louw was only correctly diagnosed two years later – the condition managed to degree with anti – inflammatories. Louw’s AS symptoms were exacerbated even more by excessive weight gain. As his weight ballooned, he frequently had to give up on matches because the stabbing back pain and muscles spasm from his AS were just too much for him.
    Article in Runner’s World, South Africa, February 2008

  3. Hi Hansie

    This is awesome. I never new that you were a sufferer of AS. I joined Herbalife a while after you. I am inspired by your achievements. This is a lovely website, thank you for requesting that I look at it.

    Wishing much success and great achievements through it.

    Andre Robinson

  4. Dear Hansie,

    You must be extremely proud about your achievements. That article is very good and well written. It can help many people who suffer simile pains without knowing the cause. Brilliant

    stay healthy, you are needed

  5. Dear Hansie, you have been doing great by helping people with your herbalife,i have always wanted to join you but the resources hav hinders my participation.
    Thanks Hansie for the wonderful job.

  6. Dear Hansie,
    Thank you for helping me out with my concern:) The site was very good, thank you for inviting me to check it out! God bless you!

    Dane (philippines)

  7. hi Hansie

    i have purchased the Herbalife kit and tried to get into the business but herbalife products are abit expensive to sell or maybe my mindset is not the way it is suppose to be I don’t know. wonderful what you have accomplished.


    • Hi Claudine,thanks for responding. For many businesses it takes time to build. Herbalife is no exception to that rule. The important aspect is to have soem formula or recipe that you work with.

      If you want to read a bit more about the mindset you may want to go to this link

      Will also drop this to you in email.


  8. Well, the main picture where there is a hotel building and some kind of train….eer…maybe the hotel might be sending a message about being healthy with foods and how you can send your whole range of herbalife to those fronts and to even people who eat in hotels.This might also be expressed in the biuldings where your idea of being healthy and wealthy is amplified.Your life background is also an expression of your truthfullness that not all things in life start from rosy begginings and that you can be able to make your misfortune into a fortune.

  9. I am encouraged and I know many more out there are encouraged by the determination that you keep on exhibiting on the daily basis in your quest to give hope to those with AS. Keep on and I am glad you invited me to this site. Stay blessed.

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