Speedsters Results

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thank you, Monika! – tough plank afterwards – well done everyone!

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with 50 walking lunges! Excellent times.

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Well done everyone!

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Well done! Welcome to our new friends!

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Welkom, Cornell

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Welcome, Mike

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another cold day for a run with welcome rain the evening after 8 pm – well done!

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Well done, brave ones! Thx, Uys!

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Congrats on our new visitors – well done!

Mooi julle – was koud!

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Well done – a bit of walking makes you faster!

Welkom, Karl!

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average time = 14m16sec

Mooi Angela, jy bring die jong manne by!

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Baie mooi, Martie! According to age grading you are no 1 – we do not have all the d.o.b. so there may be another member actually wearing that crown!

Average time : 14 min 06 seconds

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Well done – baie mooi, Evan!

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Well done!

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Please let me know by whatsapp if you want a login code to get to add your email and dob to the database

Average time tonight – 14:55

Well done!


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