Phase 1: Critical next steps after conversion – first discipleship steps

This phase could take anything from 7 weeks to 14 months to complete. A mentor will work this through with his disciple to such an extent that the disciple would be able to disciple a new Christian through phase 1.

  1. Make sure that you are saved
    1. Ef 2:8 – it is a a gift
    2. John 10:27-29 – you have eternal life
    3. Rom 3:23 – faith justifies you (but faith is also a gift)
    4. Dealing with emotion and doubt
  2. Tell someone that you are saved
    1. John 1:41 – Andrew tells Simon and brings him to Jesus
  3. Just rest with Jesus
    1. This could be listening to worship music
    2. It could be quiet time with Him
    3. It could be experiencing some of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  4. Learn to listen to the Holy Spirit
    1. Listen to prompting or the Holy Spirit
    2. Embrace any thought
    3. Speak to Jesus about it
    4. Take the thought to the Bible – all thoughts to be captured by the Bible
    5. Pray about that revelation/area (of weakness or strength)/person/opportunity/threat
    6. Write it down – also what you need to do
    7. Start again – wait , listen, respond (embrace, act, pray , write)
  5. Get baptized
    1. Baptism is necessary for obedience (not for salvation) – Acts 2:38
    2. Telling the world:. “I am an new person”, 2 Cor. 5:17
    3. Make sure that you are baptised with the Holy Spirit – Acts 1:4-5. This is different to water baptism – you receive the Holy Spirit in his fullness and get Power
  6. Start reading the Bible (have a quiet time)
    1. Find time after your initial period of resting with Jesus (no 3) to just read the Bible
    2. Read a few chapters every day and note a verse or two where God speaks to you
    3. If there are verses that you do not understand, write them down and ask your mentor.
    4. Have a note book or journal where you write down God’s message to you
  7. Start your prayer life (establish a war room)
    1. Prayer is talking to God.
    2. There could be fixed times like morning, noon and evening
    3. There should be conversations throughout the day
    4. Sometimes prayer and fasting go hand in hand – learn about fasting in theory and practise
  1. Evaluate friendships
    1. Ask the Father to give you some good and solid Christian friends
    2. Ask the Father which of your current friends you need to see less of or to end the friendship totally
  2. Find a small group of Christians and meet with them regularly
    1. Most small groups meet at least three times per month, sometimes more
    2. Make a commitment to attend the group
    3. Find the right group and stick with the group
    4. Find a church after you have settled in a strong group
  3. Learn to give
    1. God loves a cheerful giver
    2. Everything belongs to God
  4. Memorise God’s Word
    1. Be ready to give a word or a defence – 1 Peter 3:15
    2. Meditate on the word – Psalm 119:97
  5. Get your health in order
    1. Get prayer for this
    2. If you are overweight or underweight, take the necessary steps and get help to address this
    3. If you are unfit, start with an exercise routine
    4. If you have an addiction like substance abuse (drugs), smoking, drinking, pornography, abuse, (over)eating, lustful sex or thoughts, get prayer and help for this
    5. If you have any other challenges, address those
  6. Get your spiritual and psychological life in order
    1. Go for Inner healing session
    2. Go for prayer sessions
    3. Go for sessions with professionals to assist you
    4. Go to seminars or camps
  7. Get your relationship life in order
    1. People who wronged you
    2. Father, mother etc
    3. Brothers, sisters or other family
    4. Anyone else
    5. The Holy Spirit, The Father and the Son
  8. Find a mentor
    1. Some mature Christian that you will guide you to do the steps above (phase 1)
    2. Some mature Christian(s) that could guide you further along the road (phase 2-4)


This is a summary of the different steps that a mentor (disciple maker) should work through with his disciple.

Hansie Louw, November 2016