Who is Hansie Louw?

Guide to retirement planning

Guide to retirement planning

Hi, I am Hansie Louw and I am the author of Values Based Retirement Planning in South Africa and co-author with Psychologist Dr Anita Louw of Healthy, Wealthy, Happy.

I have worked extensively to help people  arrange their financial affairs before and after retirement. I enjoy running, played tennis in earlier years and love to coach people to do the “impossible” like running a 52+ mile race starting from scratch, but with the desire to do it. I had to overcome the challenge of ankylosing spondylitis to have a better quality life and to run marathons and ultra marathons. Conquering the initial fear that my back would give in on the long runs helped me to face many other grave challenges.

If you are anything like me (I love to have time available to do the things that I love and to spend time with the people I love and want to help) , then you will know that the last thing that you want to be concerned or worried about is money! Do I have and will I have enough funds available to do what I want to do in my life. …. pets, family, sport, schools, training, positions

The reason why I am making this video is because I have found that a number of people do not have sufficient provision for the years to come and they do not know what to do to change that. They live form day to day and year to year without facing the monster that will one day appear.

That is why I am here. I want to be able to show you different ways to earn an extra income and develop extra income streams so that you know that your future will be taken care of and that you will earn some meaningful income in the present as well. Then you will be able to spend your time the way you choose and not the way somebody else or an organisation will dictate.

I want to help others because that will help us eventually to eradicate poverty on this earth. In the short term it will help that individual and his loved ones to life live to the fullest as God has intended us to live it.

I want to show you a few ways to earn an income initially. If you want to get to know me a bit better and get access to me click here . (or if the link does not work – copy this text and paste it in a browser – let’s talk soon! http://eepurl.com/dzrjIj )









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    • Often financial problems is just the symptom of an underlying problem. If you cannot uncover the underlying problem and fix that, money will not solve the problem, but will just generate a deeper hole. So we need to uncover that. Let’s talk on email and when we find a good solution we could add our discussion back here where it could assist others as well.

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