“Ten day diet” repeated over ten months.

ten day dietImagine that you want to lose 30 kilogram over the next ten months. Theoretically it is totally possible to do. The theory and real life is often far apart.

Let us say that I could offer you a magic pil or magic formula where you only have to diet ten days every month where you could lose 4 kg in those ten days. In the other 20 days of the month you are allowed to gain 1 kg again, but then you do another ten day stint and you lose 4 kilogram again and repeat the process.

The secret would be in losing the kolograms and not gaining it again. Now there are certain magic pills (or so they claim!) that will help you to lose weight, but you want to lose the weight more naturally and you want to stay healthy in the process. It does not help if you lose weight, but then get sick at the same time. The minute that this happens you will be tempted to let go of your plans to lose the weight.

So a respected facebook friend of mineten day detox has devised a ten day plan for you get more healthy and to lose weight naturally. You may follow his plan for 10 days or for 40 days, but the purpose of the plan is for you te become more healthy. Of course you may want to lose the weight, but the first and most important aspect is your health.

What I normally suggest to people is that they first follow a three day plan to lose some weight, well in fact to feel better at first and then to start losing the weight and then to repeat it. If you find a formula where you feel great and start losing fat, that is wonderful.

If you are ready to get more information, mail us at the tendayplan@gmail.com


Not sure who is talking here?

He will preach better if he follows our ten day plan!


Is your breakfast making you lazy?


"healthy breakfast"

carbs and coffee breakfast

You may not be aware of it, but your breakfast may in fact make you lazy or a bit lethargic early or mid morning! Eating the correct breakfast will help you have an energy-filled day!

What did you have for breakfast today? There are three categories of responses to this. Some people say:  “man, just a coffee or a cigarette or both!” This is what I call a no breakfast type.

The second type is the Carbohydrate breakfast –  here you grab toast with your coffee and possibly eat porridge as well. You may have some jam on the toast plus orange juice.

The results of these two classes of breakfasts will be about the same  the energy cycles will just differ. With the no breakfast your body will cry for something to eat at 10 o’clock or so. Your blood sugar levels is so low that you will tend to go for a Coke (or a hot chocolate when it is cold), toasted sandwiches or a Burger and chips. This will immediately spike your blood sugar and you will feel great for a short while. The body gives the blood insulin and your blood sugar levels will drop through the floor, making you feel sleepy or lazy until you eat a chocolate or drink the next soft drink.

 Your carbs based breakfast will do the same thing  just earlier in the morning. At 9 or 10 am you feel hungry again. If you eat bread to still the hunger, you will feel hungry soon after that as your sugar levels goes up and down during the day.  You are tired every now and then throughout the day.

 What you need is a balanced protein based breakfast. You want enough protein in you breakfast, you want to replace some fluids you lost the previous night and you need good energy from your breakfast. An empowering protein shake will do all of this for you. With that a great aloe drink plus a herbal tea will give you all that you need and keep your blood sugar level throughout the day.

 Now you too can look and feel sharp and energetic regardless of the day ahead of you or the night behind you!


$1 000 000 per month

As a youngster I always thought that it should not be too difficult to earn 1 000 000 per month. I now know better. But is it possible? What would you do with it?

In my previous career as financial planner I had access to information about the income of some top South African earners. Mr Wiese, Motsepe and Rupert all fall in the category of richest South Africans.  The salariy was high, but hardly ever a million per month. Their share options schemes would often give them the best profit from a tax point of view and this would amount to millions.Patrice-Motsepe

So is it possible to earn a million per month? If I am able to give a valuable service to 1 million people and get paid $1 per month for that, I would earn that amount of money every month as long as I render the service.Wiese Take pay TV like DSTV in Africa for instance. If I would develop a processor in the decoder system that is in every decoder and I get paid per decoder every month that would be a wonderful cashflow. I know if a subscriber does not pay his regular payment that he would not get the service and entertainment every month that he was used to. So he will normally keep paying. The other option would be something like a KFC – franchise (or more than one for that matter). If I have 1 million customers per month and I receive one dollar per person, I will reach my target of 1 million per month.

RupertIt seems that you will be able to earn the income in the food industry, in entertainment or liquor sales. Financial services on massive scale or cell phone technology could also lead to this type of income. The question is more: what would I do with a million per month when I have it? What would you do with it?one_million_bucks_dollars

healing ….

tabletsI grew up with the idea that healing comes from the medicine that we take. How could I have been so wrong? For a head-ache you take a tablet or something similar.

My body has a symptom and it will get healed when I take some medication for that. I have a pain in my back and when I have taken some muscle relaxants the pain will go away. This was my thinking… only later I discovered that there are two other aspects of healing that I have overlooked.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
― Hippocrates

This was the first discovery I made – that food could heal you or could prevent you from getting ill. good foodOne example is this: apart from possibly making you fat too much bread could lead to an imbalance of the good fat omega 3 which makes me more susceptible to inflammations. That means if I get a mosquito bite or a scratch that it will take much longer to heal. When I injure a muscle it also takes longer to heal.

My second discovery was in the area of prayer for healing. prayer-for-healing My thinking previously was that you resort to prayer when everything else has failed. It is sort of the last resort that you go to after everything else has failed. I have now learned that you could (should) pray for almost anything first. Illness is always the sympton of something that has gone wrong in the body. There could be a emotional, spiritual or psychological reason for the illness. The root of this may be uncovered and healed by prayer. So this means that prayer should be the first resort. I have been taught and I have seen how this happens. I have not seen a dead person coming back to life again, but I have heard accounts of that.

So now I know – prayer first, food second. I know that medicine is there to play a role in the healing process and I acknowledge that, but it is not proper to run to medicine first for non life threatening diseases. So for a headache it will be prayer first and four glasses of water second and then medicine or consultations with medical professionals.  Please do not misunderstand me, though. If you are losing blood after an accident, there must be prayer and immediate medical care to replace the blood that you are losing. So there are life threatening situations that require immediate medical attention. This is quite different from the headache.





lose 30 kg in 15 weeks

fat preacher bruce-bruce-1Well, some people will say it is dangerous. Yes, I agree – if you do not know what you are doing it is dangerous. Then on the other hand it is also dangerous to carry 30 kg excess weight with you for months and years. The safe formula says half to 1 kg per week.

I have seen this healthy weight loss with my own eyes. I have experienced healthy weight loss in my own body, though mine took longer. If your formula is correct you will be able to do 10 to 15 kg in 15 weeks. If you are focused and you formula is superb, you will hit 30 kg! It differs from person to person.

Information is freely available on the internet to achieve this weight loss, but if you do not have the time for the research yourself, it is better to book a consultation in person, over the phone or on skype. First ten minutes of consultation is free: skype: hansielouw; email: hansielouw2@gmail.com

two new runners with coach Hansie after their first 21 km relay race

two new runners with coach Hansie after their first 21 km relay race



Bible in Latin

Latin BibleWell, just imagine for a second that the Bible would still be available in Latin only. Some priests with knowledge of Latin could then read and interpret for us, but we would be absolutely dependent on what they taught. If they were to say that we need to run and walk over the continebt of Africa to pay for our sins, we would have to accept it. If they say that the rich could make a big donation and then pay to send another in their place to make this tough trip, we would have to believe it.

Luckily the Bible is in English, but again there are many versions spanning from King James Version (more difficult to read) on the one hand to the Message (easy read) on the other hand. Again the bible has been written in a certain context and if we do not understand the context we may ask the ladies to wear a hat going to church or not to speak at meetings at all. Again you need a certain knowledge to understand a bit better.

If the Bible is indeed a letter written to the world, then we need to understand the bible very well to be able to explain and live the “instructions” where applicable. So you need to find a way to get to know better. There are quite a few online bible courses that you could follow. There are also meetings where the bible is explained better. Find time and fidna way to increase your understanding, otherwise the Bible could still be “Latin” or “Greek” to you.


Bible School

Finish your first marathon in five hours

All you need to be able to do is 7 km! If you are able to finish 7 kilometers comfortably, then you can finish a marathon which is just over six segments of 7 km each.

Most marathons have a finish time of five hours. That leaves you with 49 minutes for every segment of 7 kilometers. Now the important part is to see if you can keep the pace as many people slow down in the second half of a marathon. that could be a minute slower for every kilometer depending on your fitness.

So the aim would be to not use much more than 45 minutes for every section of 7 kilometers for the first half of the race.

So how do you start …. start walking every day for 20 minutes at least (no recent activity). Increase this gradually to 45 minutes – see how far you get in the 45 minutes. The next step is to start running part of this 45 minutes – 1 minute run and 4 minutes walk. As you get fitter, you change this so that later you could run 4 minutes and walk 1 minute. See how far do you get in the 45 minutes. If you do 7 kimolmeters, that is great. If not, run for 5 minutes and walk 1 and so on until you get to you pace.

Then you also need to start doing the longer runs/walks. You would start with a 60 minute run/walk and increase this every week or two by 20 minutes. You do this until you can stay on your feet for at least four hours. Listen to your body in the process. When you go out remember to take regular walk breaks – say 2 minutes our of every 8 minutes. Do not speed now.

Of course the best way is to have a coach or friend that you could give feedback to and that you can test your prograrm with. The most important thing in the whole process is to listen to your body – you do not want an injury at all during the training and you also do not want to be ill during your preparation.

So get started and get walking!

Hansie on the run 2

new miracle shortcut drug discovered

tabletsJust imagine… you want to increase your income. You understand that a brain surgeon gets paid very well. You buy 7 tablets for the course brainsurgeon101. You drink it every night for 7 days and on the eight day you are a fully qualified brain surgeon!

This new miracle drug has been manufactured after carefully downloading the experience and knowledge of 10 top brainsurgeons in the world. In a revolutionary new method in Never Ever land. Dr Quick Brain has developed this method. It has now been carefully transferred through nanotechnology into a tablet that could be released over a seven day period and assimilated by anyone who is able to afford the technology. The CEO of Nanolearning, Mr Clever announced that the price tag of $1 000 000 is not too high as the neurosurgeon would be able to recover his investment in three to five years ceodepending on where he is working and the income related to the position. “It is much faster than studying through the normal “old” method. It is also much more profitable as you get into the workplace in a few weeks instead of quite a number of years,” Mr Clever said in an interview in  “Unbelievable”, the capital of Never Ever land.

Of course you will not believe this. I no doubt beleive that there are ways to accelerate learning, but this may be a bit too far fetched. Yet I am amased that people think that some things are easy and that you could achieve mastery very quickly. They join a company that distributes nutrition products. They taste the products on day one and they belief that they are endowed with a special power of assimilation (like drinking a tablet) to give them instant knowledge and experience. As they have eaten food in the past, they can be food experts without getting training about nutrition. They forget that mastery comes from knowledge and experience. It may be a good 10 000 hours¹ to get mastery. That is four hours every day of your life for seven years!

Wow, 10 000 hours is way to long if you want to learn something that could still make an impact quickly. Here you could apply the 10 hour rule as explained by Bradley Hartman². The 10-Hour Rule can be broken down over six weeks. If you focus on Construction Spanish for 6 weeks, 5 days each week, for about 20 minutes a day… that’s 10 hours. That’s enough.  You won’t be an expert, but you can make a huge impact on the job by bridging the language gap.

So to apply this to nutrition – you could learn quite a bit about nutrition if you spend 10 hours on that – not enough, but enough to make a big difference in your life and the life of others. For complete mastery it is different, you need to put in the time!

If you focus on this, you will find time every day to devote to mastering something new. Choose carefully and prayerfully and put in the work and you could become a master in a new field. We have not discovered the wonderful pill of knowledge so the pearl of wisdom is still there: put in the hours and you will succeed!


1. Malcolm Gladwell – Outliers 

2. http://redanglespanish.me/2013/08/23/malcolm-gladwell-vs-bradley-hartmann-is-expertise-overrated/




profit of R1000 per day

How important is money to you? If I can show you a way of earning R1000 profit per day, would you do what is required to get to that profit?

roosterkoek-mainWill you get up at 12.30 morning (this is just past midnight)? Would you work for three hours or more to get products ready for your salespeople when they start arriving? Would you then give them breakfast and send them on their way to go and sell your product. Would you work until about 9 am to get everybody out to go and sell. Will you start to clean up so that your place is almost clean by 11 am?

You will of course need a good product to sell. If you do not have asuperior product you will not be able to sell. The product must also not be too expensive and it must well “almost” sell itself. If your salesteam will sell 1440 products for you and your profit after expenes is 75 cents per product, then you get your R1000 profit per day. Now this is hard work and strange hours, but it is done. In the food industry these type of hours would be typical if you want fresh products to hit the streets by 5 am or very soon thereafter.

Of course, if there would be enough potential customers, the profit could go to 10 times that per day which then would be roundabout $900 dollar per day. That could be a good profit.loaves-of-bread

Of course you need a bit of capital to start with. You require a place to bake (manufacture) and you need to pay your electricity and ingredients upfront. You will use a fridge and a few stoves. R8000 should be enough to get going, but most of all – you need the will to want to do this. You need the drive to get up and bake and sell or to get a team to sell on your behalf.

There are many businesses that you can enter that could make you a handsome profit, but you need to calculate if it will make you a profit in a reasonable period of time. You cannot work for two years without seeing any money in return.

Search for your R1000 a day business that could go higher, a business that does not have a lid on it. Pour your energy into it and just do it!

assorted bakery


want to run a marathon?

Why would you want to run a marathon? If you have never considered this before, it may be a silly question to ask.

happy_runnersYou may have another goal, though. You may want to run the Comrades marathon that is almost 90 km in distance. then the marathon is but one of the check marks that you need to pass to see if you will be able to make the tough race.

1306-running-startIt may be that your health is not as you were created and that your body is not in good shape. So your real motive will be to get your health different and your body in shape again. It may also be that you want to control your stress levels. For some people it may just be to get some measure of control back in their lives.

The discipline of getting ready for a short run of 3-8 km whether it is early morning, lunch time or late afternoon helps you to get your life back.

So in practical terms: commit to a marathon, enter the marathon, see how much time is left before the marathon, talk to someone about the training steps you need to take to get there, get a partner or two that will train with you, get your gear and get going!

Let me see you on the road!

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